• 04.03.03
    New Clan Opens: Nomads of the Northern Waste

    Our own Blue Vandean, the Blue Camel, opened our fifth clan today, the Nomads of the Northern Waste, and it looks like he's searching for a third player to complete his roster. Here's wishing our newest clan the best of luck as they set out to conquer Vandea!

    View the clan's shield and all information on the clans of Vandea at the CLANS OF VANDEA webpage.

  • 04.02.03
    First Clan War Declared!

    The innaugural clan war in the first season of the Clans of Vandea Tournament has been declared, and who would have guessed that The Frozen Coast, of all places, would be the first contested land? Nevertheless, the Goblin Liberation Army has agreed to fight The Magic Titans for it, and our first war is officially underway!

    Details of this and all Vandean clan wars can be found on the CURRENT CLAN WARS page.

  • 03.30.03
    Clans of Vandea Tournament Converts to Heroes IV version 3.0.

    The Clans of Vandea Tournament is officially switching from version 2.2 to version 3.0 because the new version has proven to be stable and compatible with the WoW expansion. Participants should use this link to download the patch and Upgrade NOW!

  • 03.15.03
    Let the Wars Begin!

    The Clans of Vandea Tournament officially begins today. Four clans have formed, and war is breaking out all over Vandea, but it's not too late to get involved! Visit the Vandea Forum for details, and good luck to all the participants!

  • 03.14.03
    A Fourth Clan!

    The Magic Titans, a new clan headed by gustn, opened today, and it arrived fully-formed. This Axeoth immigrant clan comes "from the land of ice and snow, spreading balance and order, dominating over good and evil" (and they know some Led Zeppelin too). Click on the Clans of Vandea link above or visit the Vandea Forum to learn more about our newest clan.

  • 03.11.03
    Another New Clan!

    A new clan opened today, Lich's Eternal Guardians. Gracious! Now the undead are threatening to over-run Vandea! Click on the Clans of Vandea link above for details or visit the Vandea Forum for the full scoop on this story.

  • 03.09.03
    Clans Now Forming!

    Two CLAN Leaders opened new clans today. Apsley's Avengers and the Goblin Liberation Army are both seeking new members to complete their ranks and begin the conquest of Vandea. Click on the Clans of Vandea link above for details or visit the Vandea Forum for the full scoop on this story.

  • 03.05.03
    The Vandea Forum Economy Cranks Up

    After a short delay to allow the Heroes community to familiarize itself with the new tournament and forum, the Vandea Forum's administrator, Faenya, has opened up the "Bank of Vandea" and is allowing forum members to accrue GP through posting to the board. The entertwined participation and economic elements of the "Clans of Vandea Tournament" are now paving the way for the territorial conquest to come.

  • 03.02.03
    Tournament of Honor Approves "Clans of Vandea" Games for ToH Credit

    Vesuvius, the ToH administrator, agrees that all "Clans of Vandea Tournament" games can be recorded as official ToH games. Thanks, Ves, and "Honor above all else!"

  • 03.01.03
    The Vandea Forum Opens to the Public

    Forum registrations begin apace as more and more people learn about the upcoming tournament. The excitement builds!