The Clans of Vandea BATTLE MAPS

HOMM IV maps for use in the Clans of Vandea Tournament are listed here. New maps will be added as permissions are granted by various mapmakers.

Note that all Clans of Vandea Tournament maps must be medium-sized and 2-player, with no computer players. In addition, players must begin with a random home town and a random (lvl.1) starting hero. Of course, purchasing various "town guarantee" licenses will allow some players to choose their starting alignment, but on the maps, themselves, starting town and starting hero must be random.

(25 Maps Listed)

After the Flood

version 1.1 - by Laelth   (uploaded 07.06.03)

Description & Notes: A massive flood has devastated the Duchy of Fenmoor. The capital city is nearly submerged in a swamp, its fields wiped out, and its people starving. Terrible food riots have caused the Duke to flee in fear for his life, and anarchy grips the land. Who has the will and the courage to restore order to the ravaged Duchy of Fenmoor?

This is a slightly-open map designed specifically for tournament play. It features a few pseudo-randomized adventure objects, some player-specific quest huts, and beautiful terrain (especially the coastline). The swamp barrier between the two players' home territories provides enough of a buffer to prevent quick kills while not eliminating the value of stealth. There are also a few humorous touches.


version 1.0 - by Laelth   (uploaded 04.05.03)

Description & Notes: The volcano, Agathon, dominates your tropical island home and separates you from your enemy, but no barrier can protect you from the deadly conflict that will soon erupt.

"Agathon" is a closed map designed specifically for tournament play that features a small but significant underground area where early-game player-to-player interaction can occur. This map is fairly simple in design and allows for relatively fast games. The map's landscape detail is some of the best ever produced by this mapmaker.

Boring's Mountain

CD map - version 1.3 - modified by SirAlkis and Laelth   (uploaded 03.01.03)

Description & Notes: This place is anything but dull, especially since gold has been discovered near the volcano. Now, two warlords have gone to war over Boring's Mountain, and they're not going to stop until they control the entire region.

Both sides of the map now have a crystal mine.

Coastland Jewels (2 Player)

version 1.2 - by BlueCamel   (uploaded 03.04.03)

Description & Notes: In this sparkling land of gold and riches, it is easy to become powerful and lazy. However, to obtain true prosperity, risks must be taken.


version 1.3 - by Laelth   (uploaded 01.03.04)

Description & Notes: It's bad enough that you live on an iceberg and have to trade for resources when you need them. What's worse, coldhearted guardian gargoyles scattered around this icy land have the power to deep freeze your level four creatures. Sure, you can attack your foe, but can you win without your most powerful troops?

"Coldhearted" is a controlled-access open map designed specifically for tournament play. Three bridges and one portal connect opponents' territories, but level 4 creatures can not pass through any of these. Another portal, however, can be accessed once 8,000 gold worth of lvl. 4 creatures have been sacrificed in order to appease the map's guardian gargoyles. This portal allows level 4 creatures to pass, but the attacking player must have the "Summon Ship" scroll (an oracle quest reward) to actually press the attack once entering enemy territory. The map has no mines. Numerous igloo quest huts, however, provide gold on a daily basis. Confusing topography and a lot of icebergs make this map particularly challenging.

Conquest of the Four Lakes (2 Player)

CD Map - version 1.5 - modified by bobntamr1   (uploaded 03.01.03)

Description & Notes: There used to be plenty of wealth to go around thanks to the bounty of the Four Lakes, but today you noticed that your coffers are running low. You barely have enough to last a couple weeks! You would rather not go poor, so you decide to war instead.

Crimson and Clover

version 1.0 - by BlueCamel   (uploaded 03.01.03)

Description & Notes: Yesterday, while sailing along the shore of your homeland, a sudden fog appeared as if by magic. A few minutes after the fog appeared, your ship ran aground and was wrecked. The fog suddenly vanished, revealing a nearby unoccupied castle. Is this some sort of game?

Dog Days (2 Player)

CD Map - version 1.2 - modified by bobntamr1 and Laelth   (uploaded 03.01.03)

Description & Notes: In this land, every day is a dog day of summer! And all this heat can make a person a little short-tempered, so it's no surprise that everyone is at war.

Two gold mines have been added to the neutral areas of this map. Both are relatively close to the green player's home. This change was made to equalize the purple player's earlier advantage on this map.

Dry County Blues

version 1.3 - by Laelth   (uploaded 03.28.04)

Description & Notes: What were they thinking? In a fit of prohibitionist outrage, the people of County Cumberland destroyed all the taverns in their towns. Soon after, anarchy broke out. Somebody's got to do something to restore sanity and then re-build those taverns. After all, what's wrong with having a drink every now and then?

This is a closed map designed specifically for tournament play. It features a number of pseudo-randomized adventure objects, as well as some alignment-determined shrine and altar "banks." These offer players access to spells and skills from adjacent schools of magic. My specific intention in creating this map was to equalize the playing field against the death alignment. Because there are no taverns in the towns, death players will not be able to build the Mansion. Each side of the map has two lvl. 3 creature generators, so there's a 66 2/3% chance that a death player will be able to recruit some vampires, but they won't be available in the home town, and this will slow the death alignment's usually-rapid growth. The map is also designed to slow down the "hero army" strategy. There is an external tavern in each home area, and, indeed, both players will be able to recruit the dreaded barbarian, but gaining access to that tavern is difficult, moreso than it would at first appear.

Dunwold (2 Player)

version 1.2 - by Laelth   (uploaded 03.01.03)

Description & Notes: Young Queen Altheia has died leaving no heirs and having named no successor. Who will rule now that her royal line has died out? You (like your rivals) want to establish a new dynasty of your own, and you both know that controlling the mighty city of Dunwold is the surest path to victory.

This is a 2 Player version of Dunwold that has been modified for tournament play. Garrisons are stronger, and the southwest corner of the map (formerly the home of the purple player) has stronger guards and more valuables to loot. In addition, the lvl. 3 generator in the blue player's territory has been moved closer to blue's starting town in order to further balance the map.


version 1.1 - by Laelth   (uploaded 04.06.03)

Description & Notes: It's a disaster! Nearby Mount Faenya has erupted, spilling a river of lava into your homeland and splitting the kingdom in two. While no one can stop the lava, some great hero must re-unite this divided land.

"Eruption" is a closed, pseudo-random map designed specifically for tournament play. The locations of various mines are randomized, as are the entry-ways into the middle-area surrounding the river of lava. Of the four potential paths from the player's home territory into the middle area, only one will be open in each game. It should be impossible to "see" which pass is open, and, in each case, the pass-guards must be fought before the player can truly "tell" which is open. These features are designed to make the map resistant to set patterns of play.

If These Walls Could Talk

version 1.1 - by jb239   (uploaded 03.08.03)

Description & Notes: The walls have been around as long as anyone can remember, and have kept the two nations apart. however, the sides are becoming greedy. Two player map with underground.

Imperial Prison

version 1.7 - by Laelth   (uploaded 01.09.04)

Description & Notes: The Emperor has made you warden of the Imperial Prison, and has given you the power to release 3 heroes who will aid you in destroying your rebellious enemy.

"Imperial Prison" is a completely closed map designed for tournament play. Portals into enemy territory begin to randomly open during the seventh week of the game, making an early rush impossible. Players begin in a walled prison compound and have ample time to consider various options carefully. Each player may release one prisoner on day 1, a second on day 2, and a third on day 3. Players may exit the walled prison compound no earlier than day 3. One randomly chosen exit opens on day 3, another on day 4, and the last on day 5. This map is designed to allow for a long, thoughtful game. Building the most effective hero combination given the towns available becomes the trick to mastering this map.

Insanity IV

version 1.2 - by insatiable   (uploaded 05.22.03)

Description & Notes: An open map, with no easy access to opponent's main area. Little is yours by default, so you have to make your way on neutral ground. Disabled: ring of permanency, boots of travel, mass cancellation, town gate, and pathfinding.

Based on jinxers homm3 map, "Insanity." I created this map with a vision of a more interactive play between players, bringing tension in neutral areas, and at the same time avoiding the rush-map style, letting defenders have some time to react to attacks.

Just Another Mine War (2 Player)

CD Map - version 1.1 - modified by bobntamr1   (uploaded 03.01.03)

Description & Notes: The lucrative trade agreement between the twin cities of this coastal land has crumbled. Now the rulers of two island nations, along with their allies, vie for control of each other's precious crystal and sulfur mines. Which kingdom will emerge the victor?

Lost In Space

version 1.3 - by Jinxer   (uploaded 07.01.03)

Description & Notes: Its a rusher's nightmare. There are oracles everywhere! No more skipping parts of the map. If you want to kill your opponent sooner rather than later, you will need to clear all the oracles in your area (unless you are lucky enough to catch your opponent wandering the middle area). Dont get lost!

Maranthea's Isle

CD Map - version 1.2 - modified by Vesuvius   (uploaded 03.04.03)

Description & Notes: You have been at war with your archrival for as long as you can remember. Tired of your childish ways, the goddess of cruelty, Maranthea, banishes you both to a remote island somewhere on the Plane of Punishment. "Now, you can play all you want, little ones! Have at it!" she commands.

Mystic Vale

version 1.1 - by Laelth   (uploaded 05.31.03)

Description & Notes: Beyond the mountains lies a secluded valley guarded by mystical creatures. Beyond that is the land of your enemy. You know you must pass through the "Mystic Vale" in order to defeat your foe. The challenge is figuring out how to get in.

This is a relatively rich, closed map designed specifically for tournament play. Each player's secondary town is a center of magical knowledge, and most of the shrines on the map are linked to that town as are several of the map's numerous altars. The locations of various mines are randomized, as are the entry-ways into the Mystic Vale. Of the four potential paths from each player's home territory into the Vale, only one will be open. It should be impossible to "see" which pass is open, and, in each case, the pass-guards must be fought before the player can truly "tell" which is open. These features are designed to make the map resistant to set patterns of play.

Plains of Despair

version 1.5 - by Sacred_Warriors   (uploaded 03.04.03)

Description & Notes: The only passage to the enemy lies through a portal guarded by a pyromancer with black dragons. Be careful, he can negate all magic resistance of your creatures and heroes. Each player has a guarded treasury. If you are quick you can loot an enemy treasury as well ! There are boots and some other nice stuff on a river but beware of bandits.

Shallow Be Thy Game

version 1.1 - by BlueCamel   (uploaded 03.01.03)

Description & Notes: Two players square off in this land shrouded in mystery. No one knows why there are the portals, or what purpose some old garrisons used to serve... but what they do know is that there is a lot to gain by conquering this rich new land, mysterious or not.


version 1.1 - by jb239   (uploaded 03.08.03)

Description & Notes: Based on the popular Heroes 3 title created by Pandora, is the Heroes 4 version of Showdown, with many similarities and differences. Desert through the middle guarded by strong monsters.

The Struggle

version 1.1 - by jb239   (uploaded 03.08.03)

Description & Notes: From the south Death and Destruction is slowly merging its way up, and from the north Life and Prosperity is slowly moving its way down. And both rival kingdoms are in the middle fighting to decide which will rule it all.


version 1.2 - by jb239 - modified by BlueCamel   (uploaded 03.12.03)

Description & Notes: Each kingdom has some time to build up their top generals to conquer their opponent. It is designed as a 'build your hero' map focusing on hero vs. hero battles.

Under the Bridge

version 1.9 - by BlueCamel   (uploaded 10.11.03)

Description & Notes: There are numerous ways to your opponent. All save a few lie under the bridge, some farther under than others... Will you take the bridge, or look for other ways?

Winter Bridge

version 1.1 - by jb239   (uploaded 03.09.03)

Description & Notes: Now that winter is dying down, each kingdom is considering expansion, but they must choose which of the icy bridges they wish to cross to expand.