All questions about game indiscretions, possible cases of cheating, and questions about what constitutes cheating should be directed via e-mail to the Honor Guard Captain.

Honor Guard Captain: jiels

Honor Guard Members:

  • Zud
  • Bobntamr1

In order for the honor guard to assist you, you must enable savegame password protection in every Clans of Vandea Tournament game you play. You must also remember to never give out your savegame password nor should you request the savegame password of any of your opponents. Finally, remember to save often (every turn, if possible), and remember to save these files with different names. The easiest way to do this is to change the name of the "autosave this turn" file during your opponent's turn. Simply minimize Heroes IV (ALT+Tab), open your "games" folder (the default directory is C:\Program Files\3DO\Heroes of Might and Magic IV\games), and then change the name of the "autosave this turn" file to your opponent's name plus the month, week, and day (in game time) of the save. For example, on day 7 of week 2 in month 1 of a game against a player named Kepler, "Kepler127" would be the correct name to give the "autosave this turn" file. It's necessary to do this because saved game files are required in order to investigate cases of possible indiscretion. If you can follow these guidelines, the Honor Guard will be happy to assist you and will do so judiciously and promptly.

Finally, remember that all Honor Guard issues are private, and must remain private in order to be effectively adjudicated. Do not discuss possible cases of indescretion on the Vandea Forum or in any other public venue. The Honor Guard is here to serve you and the Heroes community as a whole. It can't perform that function unless it is allowed to do its work in private.

Please note that the Official Rules of the Clans of Vandea Tournamnet will be enforced in every dispute that comes before the Honor Guard.

Thanks for taking the time to familiarize yourself with these guidelines.

-The Clans of Vandea Honor Guard