Initiate CLAN War Form

Before submitting this form (or any form on this site) to the tournament administrator, make sure that you have read and fully understood the Introduction to the Clans of Vandea Tournament, the FAQ, and the Official Rules. By submitting this form, you are certifying that you have done so. Please fill out the form completely and review it carefully before submitting it. Thanks!

This form is for initiating a mutually-agreed-upon CLAN War. For each CLAN War, the tournament administrator must receive two completed forms--one from each CLAN Leader involved in the CLAN War. The details of both forms must match perfectly, or the clan war will not be considered initiated. If the details of these forms match one another perfectly, then the clan war is considered valid, and its details will be posted on the Current Clan Wars page. The engaged clans will have exactly two weeks from that date to complete the war and file a CLAN War Completion Report Form.


My Vandea FORUM handle (username) is

By selecting all three of these buttons, I certify that I have met these conditions:
I am a registered member of the Vandea FORUM and I possess in my inventory the "CLAN Leader" license.
I possess in my inventory one CLAN War license for each and every war in which my clan has participated as well as one CLAN War license for each and every war in which my CLAN is now participating, plus one extra for the war I intend to initiate with this declaration form.
The "land" over which I propose to fight is either uncontrolled, under the control of my clan, or under the control of my opponent's clan. In addition, it is not currently listed as being contested on the Current Clan Wars page.
I have agreed to go to war with this clan:
I have agreed to fight for this land: 
I have agreed to fight on this tournament-approved Battle Map: .
I have agreed that my clan will play this color:
I have agreed to these specific player match-ups, and the selected buttons indicate who is hosting each match:




Difficulty Setting:
Turn Time Limits:
Guard Settings:
Additional Information ( SPECIAL GAME RULES , requested creature stacks, etc. ):

(300 characters max.)
I realize, of course, that these matches need not be played in any specific order. In fact, I intend to get all these matches underway as soon as possible.
I understand that the e-mail address from which this form is sent must match the e-mail address I used to register at the Vandea FORUM. If it doesn't, this declaration will be ignored.

Your request will be processed as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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